Communication Management: design and implement an integrated communication plan

In a market in increasing complexity and immersed in an incessant flow of content and information, business communication becomes more challenging but also more critical.

The role of the Communication Manager assumes greater importance and requires more and more multidisciplinary skills: a deep knowledge of the brand, a high level of project manager experience, a good knowledge of digital media and communication trends, but also innovation and strategic skills.

An integrated communication plan to be efficient also requires a deep knowledge of the market and of the target: it must know how to translate the marketing strategy into communication operations capable of being a profound connoisseur of the brand, a competent innovator and a skilled strategist of the levers operational communications.

If now no company can disregard online communication, off-line channels that intercept a direct relationship with the customer are still very much alive and important: a winning communication plan must be able to orchestrate and homogeneously brand the brand on all channels, off-line and online. And if for digital communication it is always easier to measure the effectiveness of the interventions, it is good to define also metrics that can monitor the performance even of off-line interventions. Greater measurement allows to control and recalibrate the communication interventions to make them more effective.

Code: ASMKC001

Type: Professional Course

Thematic Area: Marketing & Communication

Course Date: 26-27 Nov 2019 Sold Out

Duration: 2 days

Format: in the classroom

Language: Italian

Cost: € 500 + VAT

ZeraTech Education Department
Tel: [+39] 02 56660283


  • Acquire methods, techniques and tools to build an effective communication plan
  • Create strategies, plan and manage integrated communication projects
  • Organize and integrate marketing and communication contributions on and offline
  • Have a vision of the impact of the spread and use of digital technologies on corporate and brand communication activities


  • The role of communication in the company
  • Introduction on new ways and means to communicate and overview on the main trends in the world of offline and online communication
  • Starting from the Brand to create effective and valuable integrated communication projects
  • Define and plan an integrated marketing communication project for a seamless experience (with particular attention to Service Marketing and B2B)
  • Le personas and the customer journey as tools to realize an integrated offline and online communication project that can really engage users
  • Measure communication activities, effects on user behavior and the achievement of business objectives.

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The course is designed for:

  • Communication Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Product managers who directly manage communication activities
  • Digital specialist

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