SMALL ICT Digital Marketing Report 2018

Digital Marketing in Italy: the skepticism of Small ICT companies

SMALL ICT Digital Marketing Report 2018

On occasion of #MilanoDigitalWeek, we published the first research report on the use of digital marketing in small ICT Italian companies: SMALL ICT Digital Marketing Report 2018

In a scenario in which digital technology is profoundly transforming all sectors of the market, Information Technology is becoming increasingly strategic for companies. One of the areas in which digital technology has had and is having a significant impact is marketing, where new interactive media are substantially changing customer relationships and purchasing processes.

Based on these assumptions, we’d expect that companies in the ICT market, many of which are suppliers of products and services in the field of digitalization, are the first to exploit the digital potential even in the context of their marketing activities.

If this is probably true for large organizations, which dedicate entire operational units to digital marketing that plays a strategic role in the company’s business as a promoter of innovation, is it the same for smaller companies?

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ZeraTech has promoted research aimed at analyzing the maturity of the use of digital and social marketing by micro and small ICT companies in Italy. We have explored the activities of micro and small businesses, which we observed to be mainly aimed at communication.

Digital marketing is more exploited in software rather than in companies that provide consulting services: the primary objectives are the lead generation and the launch of new products.

In general, however, digital marketing is little exploited by small companies:

  • 15% is not available on online channels
  • the presence on social networks for the remaining 85% is quite scarce
  • the effective quality of use of digital channels by these companies generally reaches very low values



SMALL ICT Digital Marketing Report 2018

The research report is the result of the exploration of over 1100 micro and small Italian ICT companies, their activities in digital marketing and the results achieved.

The research has also given us inspiration for analysis of trends and international benchmarks to understand the real potential that could be exploited by small Italian entrepreneurial companies.

The results have enabled us to identify the best marketing and digital communication practices that we believe can be useful for small businesses.

Key topics addressed in the 2018 report include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Trend
  • Best Practices

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