Enable the digital transformation

The overwhelming and pervasive evolution of digital systems is now changing people’s habits and the ways in which they interact and communicate.

Companies cannot remain extraneous to this revolution.

You want them because they have to find a new way to reach their customers or interact with their employees, either because they have to adapt to the changing environment, if they don’t want to be part of those who succumb to the severe process of natural selection, they must fully enter the digital age.

This is the digital transformation: understanding the mechanisms of the digital world and making them their own, natively basing their processes.

In order to be able to act in practice it is then necessary to satisfy some enabling technological requirements, and which help to improve the efficiency of the work in the digital world.

Code: ASCLD005

Type: Professional Course

Thematic Area: Information Technology

Course Date: In Definition

Duration: 1 day

Format: in the classroom

Language: Italian

Cost: € 300 + VAT

ZeraTech Education Department
Tel: [+39] 02 56660283


  • fully understand all aspects of the digital transformation
  • learn about all the technologies available today that help make a real transformation
  • understand how to use technologies to move from simple technological adoption to a strategic business asset that can lead the company to relocate in a different way on the market


  • Analysis of the current context
  • The dimensions of the Digital Experience (DX)
  • The DX-enabling architectures
  • Information Architecture
  • Application Architecture, Microservices and APIs, PaaS, DevOps, legacy evolutions
  • Enabling technologies, Cloud and hybrid solutions
  • Performance and scalability
  • A safety digital transformation

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The course is designed for:

  • Business Leaders
  • IT Leaders
  • IT Managers
  • Business & Process Analysts

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