We help you build and nurture social relationships with your target.

We give a voice to your activities on social channels to have direct contact with users. For us, social media is not just a means of communication but a source of data. In this way, we know the customer in depth. Intercepting their feedback allows us constant learning to help you build strong and profitable relationships.


Starting from your business objectives, we design and implement integrated publishing plans. We take care to understand which channel is most suitable for your target. We create content taking into account the reference market and the relationship you have created with your followers. We convey your values ​​with clear and effective communication that reflects your personality. We strengthen your reputation on social media to increase credibility towards the target audience.



We help you manage the social media channels that are the company channels directly managed by you (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, etc). We support you in the management of these media not only in terms of creation, layout, form, and contents but also in monitoring all the metrics that the various channels (property) make available. We help you to structure your channels to have greater visibility and communicate in an authentic and continuous way. When requested we activate on-the-job training initiatives to make you autonomous in creating and managing content for your social media channels.


We help you manage and administer short, medium and long-term marketing communications with social media and digital PR. From a shared social media strategy, we study the digital audit (current web and company social presence, any unofficial profiles that can be traced back to the company and online reputation of the brand), we promote the social relationship with the customer in synergy with your internal organization. We support you in the generation of real-time content. We design and implement promotional initiatives with contest and management of the network of relationships.


We design online campaigns taking into account your business goals to maximize results with your budget. We study and analyze data to identify users’ tastes and opinions in order to target ads. We develop the messages you want to convey with creativity and strategy.


Taking care of the social presence allows you not only to gain engagement and awareness of your target, but you can collect valuable insights to convey your products and services. The presence on social media and the monitoring of the network allows you to know the current trends and the reputation of your brand. Furthermore, social media is becoming increasingly consolidated as direct sales channels and customer service tools.

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