Security Assessment


More and more connected systems, mobile business applications, data as a key value to defend. In our projects, we pay particular attention to the issues of security and IT security.


Through the analysis and the evaluation of the safety status of a company (Security Assessment), we define the strategies needed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of its critical and confidential data.

Our Security Assessment team is made up of specialist consultants who collect information on security controls in place, assess their effectiveness and develop intervention strategies aimed at optimizing the enterprise security in respect of its business processes.

We offer the following services in the Security Assessment Management area:

  • Network Security Assessment: Mapping of network architecture, policies and processes for network security, identification of potential external and internal vulnerability and defining the best strategy for intervention for the safety.
  • Infrastructure Security Assessment: analysis of the security of the IT infrastructure business (from test database vulnerability to code review for the safety of computer applications).