Google Advertising: Search or Display Campaigns?

Do you want to promote your brand or your products and services on Google and have never done it? If you have never used Google’s advertising tools, but are thinking of getting started, in these advertising pills you can find useful operational suggestions to get more profit from your campaign.

In these short articles, we will explain the differences between the 2 main campaigns proposed by Google Ads (search campaign, display network campaign) and you will be able to find out which one is the best for your needs.

First of all: define the objective

With Google Ads, you can create campaigns aimed at a specific target to reach specific marketing objectives. It is, therefore, necessary to have a clear understanding of the goal to be achieved with the campaign before creating a campaign. First of all, Google will ask you to set the goal of your campaign by choosing between these: sales, leads, increased website traffic, product and brand consideration, brand awareness and coverage, app promotion.

Depending on the objective you have selected, you will be offered different types of campaigns, the main ones being Research and Display

Google Ads – campaign type selection

Search Campaign

The campaign on the search network allows you to publish ads (text only), which will be placed in the top 4 Google search results when a user will compile a search containing the keywords you provide.


With this type of campaign, you can intercept high-potential customers, as your ad is directly related and relevant to the user’s search: your product/service is promoted (appears in Google’s search result ) just when the user needs it.

This type of campaign allows you to achieve the goals of sales, leads and website traffic.

Display Campaign

The display campaign publishes the ads on websites, videos, and apps belonging to the Google network, which can be chosen by you or automatically by Google Ads based on your target.

You can upload custom display ads, or use display adaptable ads. To set up adaptable ads you need to upload the necessary assets (images, titles, logos, videos, and descriptions) and let Google automatically generate ads based on performance optimization algorithms.


With this type of campaign, you can reach users when they find out about products and services similar to yours. This type of advertising is therefore very useful in the brand awareness phase, in which you want to introduce a new brand or a new product/service to the target market.

This type of campaign allows you to achieve the objectives of: leads, the website traffic, and product and brand consideration.


In this brief pill, we have seen together with the main differences between display campaigns and search on Google Ads. If you need to introduce a new brand on the market, concentrate on display campaigns. If you need to promote a product or service, promoting it with ads in Google’s SERP to search for suitable keywords may be the most effective choice. For more in-depth information on the subject, we suggest you follow our Digital Advertising Pills, or directly read the official Google Ads guide, always updated and complete.

To get real profit from the Ads campaigns, you must have a good knowledge of their operation and constant application over time. It is also necessary to allocate an adequate budget to the goal you want to achieve and to defer in a sufficiently long time to allow a measurement and optimization of results.

See you at the next pill!

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