Our New Corporate & Brand Identity!


Founded by an ambitious project of partners with extensive experience in various areas of Information Technology and Consulting, in a few years, ZeraTech succeeded in acquiring solidity.

We are aware that this growth is the result of passion and the convergence of our skills and experiences.

We are also aware that a further phase of evolution is taking place which will lead us to be a larger and more structured reality.

We, therefore, decided to undertake an “introspective journey” that would help us to make clear the value and mission of ZeraTech. We have involved employees, collaborators, and customers to capture the essence of our company, understand how it is communicated and how it is perceived.

Our ambition is to develop the Corporate Brand through a greater awareness of the value universe that is intrinsic in our products and services, but especially in our people.

We have rethought and redesigned our Brand Identity, to give a clearer and more distinctive image of our value and our professionalism.


Our new logo

ZeraTechNewLogoOur new logo is a small chameleon with a clean and essential shape, but with bright colors in strong contrast with the visual identity of our competitors, usually monochromatic and based on stylized geometric figures.

We chose the chameleon because of its ability to change color to blend in with the environment that surrounds it manages well to represent the flexibility that characterizes us in adaptability to the environment in which we operate. Furthermore, the characteristic 360 ° view of the chameleon symbolizes our ability to observe problems with an open look and oriented towards the research for new perspectives.

The “ZeraTech Green”, of the old logo, has been kept as a call to innovation. Alongside this, other colors that make up the chameleon have been introduced, a color for each core value.

The geometric mosaic of small pieces that represent our differences that bring together values and shared ethical behaviors give life to our company.