Software Solutions


We design, integrate and develop, innovative and distributed technology custom-tailored solutions

Many companies face the challenge of striking the right balance between taking advantage of the agility and the innovation of modern digital technologies and reaping the cost and reliability benefits of traditional applications on which they have developed their business processes and from which the data used for the business are derived.

So the main need is to develop and implement new technologies and renew those in which it has already invested.

Our expertise in application and infrastructure optimization, make us a reliable partner for our customers on this renewal journey.



We design, integrate and develop innovative technological solutions that are tailored to Open Source and Microsoft technologies.

The areas in which we operate are:

  • Digital solutions –  custom-tailored Customer EXperience solutions
  • Cloud – we design and implement SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions
  • Technological solutions – we design and develop technological products to support the business; we support customers in identifying the renewal and rationalization of their application portfolio based on best practices and technological trends


We handle the entire lifecycle of the software development project by adopting the most consistent methodologies with the context and with the customer’s needs.

  • Waterfall model

We usually use a sequential waterfall-inspired PMI methodology for the software development of large companies with well-structured environments. We carefully track all phases of the software development project, from the collection of requirements to development, deployment, validation, and maintenance.

  • Agile model

We usually use an Agile methodology for the software solutions developed in highly variable environments. It allows us to support a quick and flexible response to change with a process of iterative and incremental development.

  • Sprint execution model

Design’s Sprint application in the software development process allows us to rapidly implement prototyping aimed to understand the needs and desires of users and then refine and develop the final product.