Cloud-native applications: design, build and maintain native cloud applications

The Cloud has not only changed the way infrastructure services are delivered, making it possible to exploit resources optically, with a pay per use model, linked to major investments. The evolution of the Cloud, with the multiple services offered, impacts much more the way in which the applications are designed and implemented, so that they can obtain real benefits and not simply carried out running on an external virtual environment.

Applications written for the Cloud (Cloud-native application) are designed to maximize the efficiency offered by the cloud, having an architectural structure distributed over independent components that isolate specific problems. A structure of this type leads the application to have an elastic behavior, that is to exploit the necessary resources only when they are really needed and to release them when the need is exhausted.

Among the main advantages we have that the cost of the infrastructure actually becomes proportionate to the need, therefore usually to the business trend.
Another advantage is to build an application that has an elastic behavior, having all the resources it needs available, to guarantee the best performance at all times.

This course offers you the methodological and practical tools to consolidate and expand the technical skills on Cloud-native applications and allow you to take full advantage of all its potential.

Code: ASCLD001

Type: Professional Course

Thematic Area: Strategic Management of Digital Innovation

Course Date: 22-23-24 Jan 2020

Duration: 3 days

Format: in the classroom

Language: Italian

Cost: € 700 + VAT

ZeraTech Education Department
Tel: [+39] 02 56660283


  • Understanding the characteristics of native-cloud applications and the strategic impact they can have on corporate systems
  • Learn to design and build applications and services built specifically to make the most of Cloud resources, with a distributed architecture on the services provided for this purpose
  • Present a detailed analysis of the services offered by the platforms, in order to learn how to design efficient application architectures
  • Understand how the software life cycle changes with respect to the more traditional and consolidated application development methods
  • Acquire methods and tools for proper governance of native-cloud applications


  • Introduction to the Cloud. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) vs managed services. The features of cloud services and the different cloud providers
  • Introduction to native-cloud applications
  • Cloud and infrastructure
  • Performance management. Scalability and elasticity. Design of application components and network design
  • Application design
  • Design the data component
  • Design for resilience
  • Design for security
  • Application integration tools and patterns
  • Design complex services
  • Run of production systems. Capacity planning and cost management. Application and infrastructural monitoring
  • The development process. ALM in the Cloud. Create a development environment

Check if it’s for you

The course is designed for:

  • Architects who want to define the software architecture to build projects in the Cloud
  • Developers who want to create applications designed to run in Cluod environments
  • System administrators and service managers who work on totally or partially distributed systems in the Cloud
  • IT professionals who need to learn technical details of services provided in the Cloud

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