Designing the digital experience of the user

How to design an experience that can increase customer satisfaction and digital loyalty? Improving the usability, ease of use and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.

If once the human-machine interaction design was relegated to IT professionals, in the digital age it increasingly relies on marketing and communication functions that better know the users, their needs and their desires.

A human-centered approach in the design of digital applications allows to achieve desirable solutions for people, technically achievable and profitable for companies.

But to get a feel for the feasibility of the proposed design solutions it is however necessary to have an understanding of the logic behind the code, even without programming in first person.

So to be able to design a digital experience it is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the target and the context, the ability to involve people and companies, a good ability to rationalize requirements and ideas in an interactive design that can give life to a prototype. Creativity and innovation to understand and dominate new paradigms.

Code: ASMKC002

Type: Professional Course

Thematic Area: Marketing & Communication

Course Date: 6-7 Feb 2020

Duration: 2 days

Format: in the classroom

Language: Italian

Cost: € 500 + VAT

ZeraTech Education Department
Tel: [+39] 02 56660283


  • learn about UX-based design techniques
  • introduce the problems and technologies available today to make apps
  • identify good digital experience design practices
  • present some of the main solutions for creating cross-platform apps using web technologies


  • introduction to the logic behind the code in the design of digital applications
  • User analysis and project research with Personas and Customer Journey
  • How to place the UX design project within an integrated communication plan
  • Introduction to basic technologies for mobile applications and web services, and to online and offline prototyping tools
  • Key features of a prototype

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The course is designed for:

  • web / app developers who want to improve or enhance their design skills
  • communication and marketing managers

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