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The economic crisis has significantly affected the process of introducing young people into the world of work. In Italy, the productive fabric is mainly made up of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for which the path of selection and insertion of young new graduates represents a significant cost in organizational and economic terms. Companies must be able to grasp the often hidden attitudes and potential of young people. And after selection, they must activate a phase of esteem and development of new employees before being able to include them in the company’s production processes: it is a complex challenge.

Young people, for their part, often have to develop a full awareness of their aptitudes and the areas of practical application of the concepts acquired during their studies. They are passive actors of a transition from an individual training path to a context in which individuals become part of a team that generates value by enhancing personal characteristics to achieve group excellence.

Business and school

An increasingly competitive scenario has rapidly changed production processes, creating a gap between the concepts provided during the study and the new skills required in the professional field.

Several school reforms have in recent years tried to bridge the gap between school and the world of work. It is time for institutions and companies to overcome their inertia and implement effective convergence initiatives.
Cooperation and collaboration are the key ingredients to bring into the training path concrete foundations applicable in the professional world and also to enrich the processes of corporate transformation and innovation with abstraction and rationalization typical of the academic world: an opportunity of mutual exchange for young people, trainers, and companies.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to be able to promote a culture of synergy between school and company that leads to creating integrated training paths: let’s build together a better future!

The Work School Alternation Project

The course integrates the training proposal of the last three years of secondary schools (Licei and Technical / Professional Institutes), anticipates a concrete experience in the world of work, allows students to discover their aptitudes and passions to face a conscious choice of the road to be undertaken after graduation. For this reason, we integrate the training of skills that can be spent in the labor market with a focus on the training courses (academic and business) necessary to complete them, to acquire all the skills required by the various professionals in the Information Technology sector.

The offer

ZeraTech offers students a stimulating working environment in which to activate discoveries and reflections, through experiential workshops, project work, digital and innovative culture. The young people are followed by one of our tutors along the entire course of activities in the company, from lectures to practical exercises, to continually monitor the level of learning. A staff of expert professionals accompanies the students in technical-practical activities, such as project work and experimental laboratories.

In a scenario in which digital technology is profoundly transforming all the market sectors, we open up our offer to all the addresses that want to experiment with technological innovation in the application to their specific areas: studying ad-hoc projects with collaborative institutes with partners in the areas of expertise.

The objectives

  • develop awareness of one’s attitudes;
  • acquire digital skills that can be spent on the labor market and the professions;
  • know the different applications of digital in the different markets, the related professional figures, and the required post-diploma courses;
  • to enhance the main Soft Skills necessary in the present as students and in the future as workers;
  • know the entrepreneurial dynamics and principles of business organizations;

The program

The project is active in Milan (for schools in the city and province), with three-year courses lasting 10/15 days/year per group.

The skills

Soft skills provided to students: Team Collaboration, Effective Communication, Creativity, Understanding / Problem Solving

Hard skills provided to students: Project Design, Project Management, and Software Development; and for the more marketing and communication oriented paths, also Market Research & Analysis, Content Management, and Social Media Management.

The project work

The digital project is usually chosen and designed together with the school, the way to adhere as much as possible to the needs of both the school institution and the group of students.

Here are some project proposals:

Into Digital

With project work (websites, Cloud applications, IoT systems, Gamification, Mobile App Development) we allow children to experiment with the design and production process of the digital product.

From the idea to the start-up

From the concept to the design and implementation of a prototype or product: the kids will participate in the simulation of a process of innovation that brings an idea to become a start-up.

Re-innovated school

We plan projects that can enhance the identity of the school, making it more beautiful and functional: from reviewing the site or creating a platform for sharing experiences between students/teachers, enriching libraries/museums with innovative and technological tools. Students are involved in all phases, from needs analysis to conception, from design to production, using emerging tools and technologies.

For more information


If you are a student or a school and you are interested in our work school-alternation projects you can contact us via email: recruiting@zeratech.com.