Digital in Healthcare: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Eye Tracking in medicine

Milano Digital Week 2020 Free live streaming – 26/5/2020 at 10

On the occasion of Milan Digital Week 2020 we will be Live with an event dedicated to immersive realities in the Healthcare sector. A moment of study and comparison with focus on immersive technologies applied to medicine. The free event, which was initially to be held at Fondazione Filarete UniMI, will be broadcast live on our Facebook page or on our YouTube channel on Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 10 am.

Lights and shadows of a transformation destined to change our life

The event aims to deepen the technology applied to health and well-being to understand the opportunities but also the risks and implications. With a focus on immersive technologies, we will face how man tries to overcome his limits by diving into a multidimensional context. We will see real cases and ongoing studies in the evolution of the technological landscape: present and future usability of enabling technologies.

Even if it’s a digital event, we will make it interactive, stimulating the discussion also with the participants.


Introduction to the moment of study and comparison with focus on immersive technologies applied to medicine. Why ZeraTech proposed this event and why we chose to present it within Milan Digital Week.

Panorama of the applications of immersive technology in the healthcare sub-sector: case studies and successful applications.

  • Virtual & Augmented Health Care – Immersive technologies for the medical sector Antonio Laudazi (Founder Marte5)

The medical sector has been looking for highly innovative solutions in immersion for a long time. Several successful cases have been recorded in recent years, many hypotheses and simulations have attracted the attention of the media and sector operators, but what is the state of the art and what can we expect in the short-medium term? Together we will try to get a precise idea of ​​the new paradigms, limits, and practical opportunities for the sector.

How eye-tracking technology (which tracks, records, and analyzes eye movements) is applied in medical and caregiving. The look is used as an input that commands a specially designed interface. This creates a new interactive mode that opens up multiple possibilities.
During the surgery, we will see applications on patients and in the laboratory, but also as aids for healthcare workers to guide surgical robots while they are operating
in laparoscopy and have busy hands.

Moment of open dialogue with the speakers and participants in the LIVE: we will answer all your questions!

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