How to engage new customers on Instagram

Born as a social platform for a young target, Instagram is now loved (and used) by all generations! This strong capacity for engagement is one of the main reasons that make it essential to advertise on Instagram for brand promotion. With more than a billion active users per month in the world, it impresses the statistical data recently released by Facebook that shows the active use of Instagram for an average of 5 hours per day by the guys Gen Z.

On Instagram, it is, therefore, possible to develop campaigns that can reach a wide but targeted audience and obtain data that would be difficult to obtain with other channels. Recent research promoted by VidMod also reported that 1/3 of the users surveyed bought products directly from the Instagram Stories ad. In addition, many (81% of women and 75% of men surveyed) said they purchased from unknown brands.

How to advertise on Instagram?

If you are thinking about using Instagram as an advertising tool, you must first know the opportunities it offers and the best practices to get the best performance from your campaign. We describe you in this pill, three simple moves that, if implemented with care and originality, will allow you to promote your brand successfully.

1 – maintain your profile and keep it updated

Profile image: the recommended size is 160px x 160px, it is essential that it is representative and that it is legible.

Bio: a short description of your business; it is your business card, so it is good to enrich it with all your contacts. Remember that bio is the only place where you can insert a navigable link. If you have campaigns in progress, we suggest you replace your link with the one on the promotion landing page of your initiative.

2 – publish content of interest to your audience and sponsor it

Post: Speaking of formats Instagram recommends the standard square (1080px x 1080px) for both images and videos, although you can upload them in vertical (1080px x 1350px) and horizontal (1080px x 566px). The duration of the videos can be up to 60 minutes, but Instagram recommends not to exceed 10 minutes so as not to lose the attention of your audience. We suggest you not to insert links in the text of the post because it would not be navigable. The use of strategic hashtags can be useful to position yourself in the search engine of the social network, but we advise you to choose them carefully and not to exceed 10 hashtags per post. Instagram also allows you to promote posts by providing you with Ad tools with which you can select targets and budgets.

Stories: they are the most engaging tool at the moment on Instagram because they use the entire screen of the mobile phone and allow you to create real stories. You can also add interactive elements to generate involvement, such as surveys (useful to know the opinion of your audience and do product testing) and swipe up (activated only by those who have at least 10,000 followers). As for the posts also in the stories is recommended to use hashtags and tag other profiles. With the use of stickers inside the stories editor, you can also geolocalize your content. Instagram recommends the use of native formats (1080px x 1920px) for stories with a maximum duration of 5 seconds for images and 15 seconds for videos.

Why are stories so successful? 73% of users agree that stories allow them to tell things that happened outside of their daily lives, 65% think that stories help them to keep up to date with what others do. In addition, the tools provided allow you to maintain and customize your profile in a fun way. The user’s attention is growing in the creation of the content disclosed in their stories: on average, a person spends about 11 minutes to create his own story before sharing it. Users thus become more attentive, more experienced in the use of the tool, and … more demanding!

The design and creation of a story (or series of stories) by a company may, therefore, require a special study and very long lead times. It obviously depends on the type of project … However, if you can disseminate content of interest to your audience, you can achieve good results just by taking full advantage of all the features made available by the social. The New York Public Library has, for example, hired its readers to divulge on its Instagram page classics of fiction in stories (from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll to Kafka’s Metamorphosis).

3 – develop fun creativity and ability to communicate in an authentic way your brand

Creativity: To create an effective campaign of any kind (awareness, lead generator, etc.) is essential to coordinate all these elements with impactful creativity; in fact, Instagram reveals, through a survey, that 55% of the success of a campaign is given by his creativity.

If you want to have some inspiration, we suggest you visit the official page of Instagram for Business, where Instagram selects and presents cases of virtuous companies that use the social to do business.


Instagram allows you to create real campaigns, contests, and targeted advertising. As we have seen, its strength lies in its ease of use and the vast pool of users. A strategy of social media marketing can not fail to provide for the purpose of this channel.

We hope this pill has been of use to you. If you have any questions or would like an opinion from our experts, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

See you at the next pill!

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